Jeff Baraka x KRS-One


Diggin’ through my archives in March, lookin’ for that old Phife pic, I found several others (OutKast, Bam & Dres, Common), including more recent ones like these from a 2013 KRS-One interview. He’s one of my early influences as an MC (along with Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Chuck D and others) and this was a fun, informative conversation. There’s video somewhere, which I’ll post at some point, but check out the audio below and the dope, international “Hip-Hop is Hip-Hop”  music video.


Beats, Rhymes & Life / Rewind That


I’m still processing Phife‘s passing last week (3/22), playing my A Tribe Called Quest collection and re-watching the Beats, Rhymes & Life documentary. I only met him a handful of times -the same way I met most of my hip-hop hero/peers during my active rap years, as an opening act or host of underground shows. But ATCQ was so big to me, that I’ve been impacted to contemplate my own life, mortality and art. There are lessons in Phife’s legacy.

He was my age and ageism in hip-hop is a tricky issue -notions and conflicts of reverence vs. relevance. It’s often come up in my meetings and conversations with the greats, through my TV/media work, and was a factor in my decision to almost completely suspend my own rap activity. But Phife’s passing (along with those of J-Dilla, Baatin, Sean Price, DJ Timbuck2, Praverb and others) reaffirms two major life lessons -take care of yourself and practice your passion for as long as you can.

I was really moved by Busta’s heartfelt Instagram tribute. Leaders of the New School and ATCQ both suffered youthful infighting and break-ups, so to see the members of both groups matured, reunited and recently rocking onstage was awesome. With Phife gone now, I can only imagine how much more precious that moment has become for Q-Tip and the other surviving participants. I’d still love to see a full Native Tongue reunion with Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, Black Sheep, etc. Camaraderie, reconciliation and celebration of shared legacy are beautiful.

Common’s Instagram tribute was no less heartfelt, but it hit me differently because he recounted a shared memory. We were together in NYC when we first met ATCQ (and other favorite artists). I was once a member of the pioneering Chicago hip-hop collective* that included him, No ID, Twilite Tone and manager, Derek Dudley. Common’s post triggered memories of good times, but also of our own crew’s infighting and that I’m still often misrepresented (if not entirely erased) from his accounts of our shared history. Re-watching the BR&L doc (focusing more on Phife) reminded me that it’s exhausting to navigate complex, conflicted relationships with old friends you’d really rather build with.

I appreciate the early liner notes inclusions and contributions** to my small, independent releases. Today we’re always cordial and professional. The occasional shout out feels good and I’m open to new collaborations. I’m philosophical about my Mikey D-like rap status (too many aliases, group names and affiliations only helped my obscurity), but I’m blessed to have found other fulfillment and I’m happy to be in a place where I still feel creative and motivated. Real talk…

Thanks Phife, for the inspiring parallels and valuable lessons of your incredible journey. Rest in peace and power bro, salute.

“I never walk the streets think[ing] it’s all about me, even though deep in my heart, it really could be. I just try my best to like go all out, some might even say -yo shorty black, you’re Buggin’ Out!


*shout out Sean Ross, Sean Lett, Dug Infinite

**featuring Common – Mic Illumination (96), Cryogenic (FR99) (96), Money For Dope (92) | produced by No ID – Invisible Ink, Soul Oasis, Still Consummate, TTGP remix (all 2002)

Keep Calm & Rock Well (one cool thing leads to another)…


I caught the amazing Noura Mint Seymali (Mauritania) and her band at WTTW studios, during their recent Chicago residency with OTSFM and IMAN (click pic to enlarge). I checked them out online after, which led me to the cool Rhythm Planet program at KCRW.

I was familiar with some of the station’s other programs (like Jeremy Sole‘s dope show), but I started listening more often. An interesting segment about logos and branding inspired the KCRW tee-shirt design below. It’s a modification of an earlier design I did for #ASCbrand and both are of course derived from the iconic, original British WWII graphic.

tees kcrw_sm

Beat training three

Here’s a beat I started in August, for my September Swiss Arts Residency, for my doc project. I named it A-YO!  for the traditional alphorn and yodel samples (from a 1950s field recording by famed ethnomusicologist, Laura Boulton). After that, it just made sense to add the Busta vocal (from Dilla’s Geek Down ).

A-YO!  was on hold for three months, but I was finally able to get back to it last week. It’s my third new beat in several years, after Champion Legacy  and Regenerate …slow motion, but more to come. Click the pic to download (automatic on some devices) or stream via the player. Enjoy, hit me on Twitter

PB! A-YO bridge

Beat training two

So summer’s almost over and I haven’t had as much time as I wanted to re-sharpen my beatmaking for my Swiss Arts Residency next month. I thought I’d have more new beats by now, since the first one I made in June… no worries though.

Here’s Regenerate, I started working on it this past week in Miami and finished it yesterday, back home in Chicago. Click the pic to download (automatic on some devices) or stream via the player. Enjoy, hit me on Twitter

PB! RGN_ces

Beat training one

In preparation for my upcoming Swiss Arts Residency, I decided I should start re-training myself as a beatmaker. Late last month, I read about the upcoming Rocky-spinoff, CREED movie and made this. The horns (obvious) and the guitars (not-so-obvious) are samples from Gonna Fly Now, the original ’70s Rocky Theme.

I call it Stay Fly, to salute the original (and composer, Bill Conti), but once I remembered the 3/6 Mafia jam of the same name, that became the subtitle. So here’s Champion Legacy  (instrumental in standard 16 bar verse, 8 bar hook format). Click the pic to download (automatic on some devices) or stream via the player. Enjoy, hit me on Twitter