ASC Brand

During my active hip-hop days, I designed my own logo, which symbolizes the road of life and ideal synergy/harmony. It represents the idea of being your best self or living your most actualized life -something we’re all trying to do. It’s comprised of an ankh (the ancient Kemetic symbol of eternal life), in place of a route number on the shield of a US highway sign. The circle provides inherent symbolism of wholeness, karma and the sun (I explain it in my old EPK video on the early work music page). Despite all the meaning, I wanted to keep the design simple and circular (like the 70’s Bell Telephone logo). Shorthand: Get tight, get right, find your way and shine!

More recently, I designed the #intlplayer boombox & globes logo, the #maketrax travel modes & mix channels logo, and the #44equals8 presidential seal-inspired logo. Check out these cool articles: logo design | logo color | hidden symbolism | interview with Tom Geismar | evolution of car logos | Paul Rand‘s logos | 50 greatest rap logos | and the incredible animated shortfilm, Logorama.