This week, I began pre-production on THE #DOWNNOW PROJECT, a community journalism / storytelling and music idea, that occurred to me during my recent role as a Chicago Music Ambassador.

Trying to promote and celebrate 2020 as the “Year of Chicago Music”  during a global pandemic, intense social upheaval, and the convergence thereof, felt at times tone deaf and out-of-sync. THE #DOWNNOW PROJECT —as in “It’s goin’ down now!”  and “Are you down now?”— is my attempt to continue the celebration, in a conscientious way that addresses the current times and issues.

The journalism part is being supported by The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Society (through its Coronavirus Coverage and Stopping Pandemics reporting) —click “Chicago” on this NAT GEO Project Map. I’ve wanted to work with Nat Geo since 2013, so I’m honored, very happy and proud of this!

Support for the music part is still pending, but #DOWNNOW T-shirts and face masks are currently available in the #ASCbrand store. Click the pics or links for more info.