media hustler, culture agent, storyteller…

I’m a broadcast and digital media producer and personality. I create and present arts, entertainment and culture content for media outlets, brands and other organizations. I conceive, research and develop stories, set up and schedule shoots, conduct interviews and direct camera operators in the field. I’m currently developing an independent documentary project.

My professional experience and current activity also includes lifestyle/culture marketing, voiceover & copywriting (narration/commercials/promos/videogames), and music & soundtrack production/curation.

ndamen about

I migrated to my current work from an extensive background in urban/underground music, arts & culture. My independent media work filters this experience and interest through my global curiosity and tends to be more eclectic/alternative and socially conscious. My freelance work is often more mainstream, pop-culture oriented and usually airs or posts thru my affiliates before it appears here. This site serves to archive and present the range of my work at my own pace. See the “materials”  section and the Hostwork page for resume and work samples. Contact me for serious partnership or casting consideration.