Prior to my current work, I was primarily active and known as a “true-school”  hip-hop artist (under a few different aliases, most notably Consummate O and O Type Star). That experience continues to inform and authenticate my music journalism and independent media projects (which in turn, refresh ideas for new music).

one-offs & poetry

MC/POET – When I was actively performing, I frequently moved in arts & culture spaces (spoken-word, theatre, academic, religious) that weren’t necessarily standard for (or even at the time) open to underground hip-hop. That was intentional; the “mc/poet”  tag came about from the subtle modifications in presentation and delivery developed in those various settings. And … Continue reading one-offs & poetry

early work: #DSV1 #UMR

DRIVING SONGS VOLUME ONE (#DSV1) is the years-long overdue, true-school classic; tuned-up and finally released Spring 2011. 18 tracks, including collaborations with Common & Malik Yusef, Slug (Atmosphere) & Juice, Binary Star (OneBeLo & Senim Silla), No ID, Hi-Tek and others. The singles: A Different Type of Cancer (track 12) + Rate Of Exchange (track … Continue reading early work: #DSV1 #UMR