01 ktq pb zoome

A Zoom meeting last week, reminded me of my experience with (and appreciation for) Kartemquin Films (KTQ). In 2014 (after my time with AXS TV), I wanted to create urban music, arts and culture content that was more eclectic and socially conscious. This led me to the DVID Fellowship (the doc film program is a partnership with CFW Chicago).

02 ktq pb dvid

The idea I brought for an international project was too ambitious at the time. But the fellowship experience helped me to better define myself as a storyteller and refine some elements that are emerging in The DOWNNOW Project, as it continues to develop.

03 ktq pb pitch

[above] DVID 2014 Pitch Day and Reception [left] Screening some of my best/favorite work for the review panel (including the Blitz clip behind me). [right] Post-pitch chat with Lauren Pabst (MacArthur Foundation) and Dan Andries (WTTW Chicago).

04 ktq pb grad1

[above left] DVID 2014 Graduation award and [right] class photo. [below left] Gordon Quinn, KTQ co-founder and [right] #thumbsup with Chaz Ebert, our keynote speaker.

05 ktq pb grad2

[below left] DVID 2018 Graduation with fellow alumni Jamaar (center; 2018) and Cam Be (2017). [right] The three of us with doc godfather, GQ (these guys are very talented, and some of my best work has been with them).

06 ktq pb grad3