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For years prior to my current work, I was primarily active as a “true-school”  hip-hop MC/poet and beatmaker (under a few different aliases, most notably O Type Star). That experience continues to inform and authenticate my independent media projects, which in turn have started refreshing ideas for music. I’m not all in again, but I’m having fun and accepting some invitations to collaborate. And I finally got around to using my new laptop and small Pro Tools interface with my vintage hardware (ASR-10 + SP-1200), so new material will come eventually…

one-offs & poetry

MC/POET – When I was actively performing, I frequently moved in arts & culture spaces (spoken-word, theatre, academic, religious) that weren’t necessarily standard for (or even at the time) open to underground hip-hop. That was intentional; the “mc/poet”  tag came about from the subtle modifications in presentation and delivery developed in those various settings. And … Continue reading one-offs & poetry

early work: #DSV1 #UMR

DRIVING SONGS VOLUME ONE (#DSV1) is the years-long overdue, true-school classic; tuned-up and finally released Spring 2011. 18 tracks, including collaborations with Common & Malik Yusef, Slug (Atmosphere) & Juice, Binary Star (OneBeLo & Senim Silla), No ID, Hi-Tek and others. The singles: A Different Type of Cancer (track 12) + Rate Of Exchange (track … Continue reading early work: #DSV1 #UMR